Congrats Colts and Saints … and Whazzup with Brangelina?

Today, as we prepare for the deluge here in NH, I am not going to pretend to be anything but lowbrow as I focus on idle speculation and rumors, before getting some breakfast.

First off, yes – the Colts and Saints are in the Superbowl.  It could maybe, possibly, ya-never-know, even be a good game.

And on the speculation front, the question is, have we seen the last of Mr. Favre?

And what was he thinking when he threw that ball in the 4th quarter?

And if he, indeed, actually retires … what will we talk about in August?

Brangelina, maybe?  But if Bret, Brad, AND Angelina are done … what will we talk about then?

Well, there’s Sarah Palin’s hair … and BMI’s of the stars … but I think I’ll just stick with Brangelina today, and deal with August later.

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