Soooo … as I Run out the Door

Sorry, guys.  For the news today, I’ve got a nice clip of Tracy Ullman briefly impersonating Rachel Maddow (and Arianna Huffington).

And then there’s tomorrow’ State of the Union message … I wonder if decorum will prevail (for a change).

And then there’s the news (from the USWNT and WPS) that Aly Wagner has retired.  She was an incredibly skilled player for whom injury and fitness issues seemed to frequently get in the way … at least in the latter part of her career.  We never got to see her play too much here in Boston, as the WUSA folded right after she was traded to the B’s for Angela Hucles back in ’03.  Long time ago!

It’s still dark here – so hard to tell if the rain has stopped.  Sounds like HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew had some basement flooding over NY way.  (Hope none of those hops were harmed!!!)

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