Bossiness Unbound

As the sun rises on a sunny Thursday morning … some random tips and a couple of tidbits … from a fundamentally controlling and bossy blogger who woke up too late to have time to mask it!

Went to hear the Soweto Gospel Choir at the Capital Center for the Arts last night … and if they ever are in your area, you simply must see them!

Went to see A Single Man on Tuesday night … if you haven’t seen it yet, you simply must see it!

Colin Firth was interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air last night … you simply must hear it!

The WPS season schedule is taking shape, and the Sol Dispersal Draft is today … and the big news, so far, is that The Athletica traded three players to Atlanta to get the first pick!

Who are they going for?  Marta?  Boxxy?  Check out their already-strong roster … kinda scary!

Looking forward to seeing what the Breakers do with their pick … and now I’m outta here!

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1 Response to Bossiness Unbound

  1. Alice says:

    Aha! JordanCornblog shows her true personality!


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