Boltgirl has a nice write up of the WPS draft … a brief reminder (especially heartening to the mid-Atlantic states right about now) that baseball is on the way … and a little link at the end that you must click!  All I can say is OMG.  Or did I say it already?  I sure hope the Phillies haven’t also discovered this niche …

How do you find that stuff, Boltgirl?

The Breakers, in addition to their dispersal draft signings (Stephanie Cox and Michelle Enyeart), re-signed Fabiana and added another international – Forward Laura Del Rio.

Looks to me like the Athletica are the hands down winners when it comes to off-season moves, though.  And I am still puzzled by the Red Stars’ choice to let go of Lindsay Tarpley.

Turning to politics, the tidbit that caught my eye has to do with the former First Dude’s influence up there in Alaska, as reflected in newly-released e-mails.  Are we surprised?  Not really.  Annoyed?  You betcha!

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