With Apologies .. Alice

Rushing off this morning to make sure we’e all set for our audit (fun) … and to drop off some necessary items for a friend in need … I am neglecting JordanCornblog this morning.


I may switch to a not-every-day schedule … stay tuned!


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6 Responses to With Apologies .. Alice

  1. Excellent – I’m glad it’s working – like the site a lot!


  2. Thank you for updating. Funny that I came across this page and have just read your response. I was searching google mail. The site may have been getting data errors b/c I had been working a lot on it in February. I just entered through your site and it went to it.

    Thank you for changing!


  3. Eleanor says:

    I totally support your move toward writing when the inspiration hits, rather than being pressured by a schedule of having to write every day. Don’t worry about us! After all, that’s what RSS feeds were made for. We’ll cope!


  4. Awesome – thanks for sharing the new link. I have updated … but am finding it very slow to load … and am getting “Database Error” messages. Are you sure it’s the correct link? (http://www.momandpopartshop.com)
    Hope all’s going well!


  5. Hi Jordan,

    I was doing a google search for all the websites with links to my husband’s old website. My husband’s name is Danny O and I am his wife Jennifer. You saw Danny’s artwork at Zaftigs in Brookline, one Sunday afternoon, and I guess he waited on you as well. Anyway, he has a new site, and is not affiliated at all with the one you have him linked to. The old site is a bit misleading, but it is not Dan’s and we receive nothing from it.

    If it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle wold you please mind changing the site address to his own site.


    We would really appreciate it. This is your blog page


    I couldn’t figure out how to get in touch with you, except through a comment. Apologies

    Thank you in advance,
    Jennifer O’Connor


  6. Alice says:

    I’m tuned in to any changes in the offing. As you know, my middle name is flexiblility, and I strongly support any quest for increased lifestyle relaxation.

    Hoping the audit is going smoothly and will soon be behind you.


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