Breakers News … and More to Come

Apparently (according to a thread on BigSoccer) Christine Latham has been waived by the Breakers … and an announcement about a new international acquisition is in the offing.  Any guesses?

Meanwhile .. bad blood between the B’s and Sky Blue FC, eh?  Breakers’ GM Andy Crossley sounds (not surprisingly) PO’d as he responds to Gerry Malone (Sky Blue FC GM) over-sharing in his tweets.

First we had OCNN – Ochocinco News Network – and now apparently we have the Sky Blue News Network. That’s not an official transaction on the league website nor has it been formally announced by the Breakers and it is our transaction after all.

If a rival league exec chooses to tweet what he sees on the waiver wire before it is public knowledge – whatever, I don’t consider that an arms race of information that I need to take part in. We make our own announcements at our own pace. I don’t break Sky Blue transactions on my Twitter account, but then again, I’m also not engaged in a “Twitter War” to generate followers at the moment and he is, so maybe I’m just not in the proper competitive mindset.

Anyway…yes, Christine Latham was put on waivers on Friday. You will see a formal announcement in the next day or two, because as RevsFan1 has surmised there will be a simultaneous announcement of the addition of a new international.

Who could it be?

In other soccer news, Lori Chalupny is taking an “indefinite leave” from the USWNT and from the St. Louis Athletica due to concerns about concussions.  That is very worrisome – and I’m glad she’s taking care of herself – one of my favorites in women’s soccer these days!

The CPACers have continued their shrill rhetoric … from wherever the hell they are meeting.  Glenn Beck got the already-rabid crowd even more fired up with his typically irresposible and error-filled verbal vomitus.  Here’s an image you’ll want to keep in mind …

Talking about personal responsibility, Beck brought his own redemption story. Before becoming a wealthy television host, Beck said that 15 years ago he was drinking, had lost his family, and found himself in the fetal position of his one-bedroom apartment.

Lucky family, I’m thinking.

Not that I’m against redemption … but I like these stories better when they also include a smidgeon of self-awareness and a dash of humility.  Sadly, these are not ingredients that will be found at CPAC … where pseudo redemption is bought with the coinage of repression.  It’s a transaction that inevitably leds to hatred, judgment, self-alienation, inauthenticity … lots of putrid ooze and vileness right under the self-rightous surface.  Glenn Beck – ugh!  Rush Limbaugh – ugh!  Newt Gingrich – ugh!  There are twisted skeletons in those dark closets.  I’d stay away if I were you.

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