Wednesday Weirdness … and some Soccer, of Course

Yesterday I had one of those angry right wing commenters visit.  This time waxing eloquent about the HUGE economy of Texas … and how States like California are going down the tubes because they are fundamentally socialist.  (The comment was attached to a really old post, BTW … Memo to the Red States from the Blue States.)  It’s the usual stuff – blaming of the poor and disenfranchised … and equating success with goodness and worth, as simplistic Christians are wont to do.

I’ve been thinking about it and have come to the conclusion that the big difference between the Democrats and the Republicans comes down to early development and lessons taught (but obviously not always learned) in kindergarten.

It’s about sharing, folks.

That’s it, Texas.  Congratulations on all the toys you have accumulated.  Now, will you share?

No?  Then I think someone needs to send you to the corner, so you can think about it.

Come back when you’re ready to behave like a big boy.

Soccer stuff?  We’ve got the Algarve final today at 11AM.  USWNT vs. Germany.  Sadly, I’ll be out of the office … but here’s to a good showing and another win for Pia’s bunch!

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