True Colors Continue to Come Out … In Case You Were Still in Doubt

The GOP’s hate and fear-mongering is over the top, and inexcusable.  The big question for me … are we a nation of idiots?  Will the good people of Kansas … not to mention the rest of the states …keep falling for this crap?  Is it possible to rescind a political party’s right to exist?  I’d like to explore that.

And then there’s Sarah P – unleashed in Hollywood and definitely showing her true colors there.  No need to comment further.

On a happier note, the USWNT showed their true colors with a win over Germany on a muddy Algarve pitch … and their 7th Algarve title!  Thanks to mld, there’s some highlight video that you can watch – looks like very difficult conditions!  Nice to see Carly start scoring again, eh mld?

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1 Response to True Colors Continue to Come Out … In Case You Were Still in Doubt

  1. Alice says:

    Thanks to JordanCornblog I used matchtracker for the first time to follow the USA/Germany game–neat but, really, one of the hundreds of channels could of/should have covered it. Tried to access that video found by mld but, alas, I don’t have the proper “plug-in”–whatever that is. Oy, this technology is way too much for me.


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