True Colors, Continued …

So it’s Friday … and the “true colors” theme continues to be apt, as I see that … Roy Ashburn, a rabid anti-gay GOPer … was arrested for DUI after leaving a gay nightclub, according to sources.  Here’s his voting record … a profile that’s becoming more and more familiar, eh?  I mean, might we safely begin to assume that a rabid anti-gay stance is a sort of back-handed way of coming out?  That’s what I’m thinking.

It’s no wonder that some many GOPers seem awfully cranky.  Their heads must be near-to-exploding with cognitive dissonance!


Here’s a nice piece by Yael Averbuch, chronicling her Algarve experience and sharing her excitement for the upcoming WPS season!  Love what she’s picking up from Pia … something I’ll keep in mind as I enter my day today …

On Tuesday, I jotted down a few notes in our team meeting. At the top of my paper it says, “TWO MORE STEPS.” This was something that Pia had written on the dry erase board. It means that in the attack we want to make each run just two steps longer. When defending, we want to close that space just two steps more so we can tackle. But the philosophy behind it is to just do that little bit more. We can all give a little more to make ourselves better and to invest in the team’s success. After writing “TWO MORE STEPS,” I listed some of the things that I want to focus on moving forward into this W.P.S. season. I can’t wait to get home and continue working on those things!

From USSF, here are highlights of the final!


On the local scene, the Breakers’ Members-Only Meet The Team Party is set for Monday, April 5th in Cambridge.  Here’s what they say …

Mark your calendars now for the annual Meet The Team Party on Monday, April 5th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Hyatt Regency, 575 Memorial Drive in Cambridge. This private reception is exclusive for Breakers Members and is free of charge. Be the first to meet every player on this year’s team, hear from the coaching staff and collect autographs and photos from all of your favorite players. Please RSVP your attendance by Monday, March 29th to Bailey Frye at You may bring one person for each ticket in your Membership package. You may also give away your invitations to guests if you do not plan to attend yourself, but we will need to know their names by RSVP.

Alice?  Ron? AMR?  Stephen?  Boltgirl? 😉  Will you represent us if we give ya the passes?  MLD, are you going?  Need more tix?

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