Texas Goes Over the Brink While JordanCornblog Focuses on Other Things

It is with great sadness that I report that, while following the USWNT and WPS and getting ready for March Madness, JordanCornblog entirely missed the fact that Texas was finally and unequivocally losing it.  The State’s ultra-conservatives have apparently succeeded in injecting their skewed world view into school curriculums … beating back what small progress had been made there on the intellectual front.

“Some board members themselves acknowledged this morning that the process for revising curriculum standards in Texas is seriously broken, with politics and personal agendas dominating just about every decision,” said Kathy Miller, president of the Texas Freedom Network, which advocates for religious freedom.

Republican Terri Leo, a member of the powerful Christian conservative voting bloc, called the standards “world class” and “exceptional.”

World class, indeed. More discouraging, I’d say.  Reality is a subjective thing … but I guess that’s the issue, isn’t it.  Some people just don’t see it that way.  Those dudes in Texas, they see it as cut and dried – my way or the highway.  Guess we’re lucky they don’t insist on a different outcome to the Civil War.

On to happier things … like celebrating Alice’s birthday … 😉 and watching Mo play hockey this weekend … and getting ready for March Madness.  While the winner on the Women’s side seems kinda predictable … EVERYTHING else is looking wide open to me.  I am looking forward to some crazy upsets in the coming weeks.

And in soccer news, I see that the Breakers have made some cuts … including Mary Frances Monroe … 😦

Here’s a nice video of the Philly Independence at camp … check out the snow piles down there!

Independence Insight – March 8, 2010 from Philadelphia Independence on Vimeo.

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