Two Cuppa Coffee Morning

As the rain pelts and the wind howls outside, I’m on my second cup of coffee, contemplating a blank screen and toying with the idea of writing something really silly.

JordanCornblog has been feeling rather rudderless of late.  (Talking about the blog here, not the actual person.)  Being “ruddered” was never what I’d call a strong suit of the blog, but lately things seem especially aimless.

  • Maybe it’s because healthcare reform is too complex for early morning writing.  (Note the implication that, were JordanCornblog to tackle it later in the day there’d be no problem.)
  • Maybe it’s the fact that at least one reader gets annoyed every time I bring up Ms. Palin … so I am a little shy about that particular obsession.
  • Maybe it’s the just plain predictable, deadening-yet-terrifying boringness of the far right and all their machinations.  I mean, how many times can you come up with creative ways to call them idiots?
  • Maybe it’s the fact that Dick Cheney’s diseased heart just keeps ticking.
  • Or maybe I can blame it on UConn and the fact that they have removed much of the drama from the women’s side of the March Madness equation.

On the plus side, March Madness will soon be underway.  (Note to Mo and RPE … can you reach out to your bro/cousin on FB and get him the links for playing?  We need the perspective from Sicily to liven things up!)

And the WPS springs into action next month … brrrrr … those cement seats at Harvard stadium sure are inviting on a damp April evening!

Here’s a snippet for Boltgirl … the Red Stars have signed Engen and dropped two as they put the team through its pre-season paces.  Nice to see that Kate Markgraf is back in the mix for the Red Stars (But not yet for the USWNT – wonder what Kate’s plans are on that front – anyone heard?).  Still puzzled by the Red Stars’ release of Tarpley … but the proof’ll be in the pudding, I guess.  The Athletica look scary good to me!

Here’s the preseason game thread … and partial schedule (below) from BigSoccer … where I also read that Atlanta beat Auburn 3-2 this past week on the strength of goals by Latham, Thompson, and Zerboni:

3/12 – Chicago Red Stars vs. Washington Freedom (Vero Beach, FL)  (Freedom 2-Red Stars 1 … DeVanna for the Freedom is the only goal-scorer I read about.)

3/13 – FC Gold Pride vs. TEPCO Mareeze (Mustang Soccer Complex, Danville, CA)

3/17 – Boston Breakers vs. US U-20 National Team (Univ of Florida?)

3/20 – Boston Breakers vs. Sky Blue FC (Univ. of Florida?)

3/20 – Philadelphia Independence vs. University of North Carolina (United Sports, Downingtown, PA)

3/23 – Boston vs. Atlanta (Univ. of Florida?)

3/24 – Boston vs University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

3/25 – FC Gold Pride vs. University of San Francisco (Negoesco Stadium, San Francisco, CA)

3/27 – Philadelphia Independence at Washington Freedom

4/1 – FC Gold Pride vs. Santa Clara (Buck Shaw Stadium)

4/1 – Philadelphia Independence vs. Penn State University (Downingtown, PA)

4/3 – Saint Louis Athletica vs. Atlanta Beat (University of Tulsa, OK).

The USWNT is prepping to play Mexico later this month … so here’s a bit about the Mexico team … including ex-Breaker (and Mexico captain) Monica Gonzalez … who’s got a modeling gig going, too.

We are heading down to Nashua to watch Mo and his Twin Valley teammates win their second-in-a-row State Championship in ice hockey (fingers crossed).  Stay tuned – and don’t worry, RPE – I will NOT use the word minions when I write this one up – promise!

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