April Fools Joke from Obama … and Others

Off shore drilling is an April Fool’s joke from POTUS, right?  That’s my latest theory.  We’ll see how it plays out today.

Hard to pass up an opportunity to mention Sarah Palin on April Fool’s Day.  Her new “interview show” on Fox has been running into some snags, as two (so far) of the interviewees have stepped up to say that Ms. Palin never interviewed them.  What gives?  Are things not what they appear in Sarah-land?  How shocking!

Meanwhile, those dems that the Palinator had in her crosshairs?  They’re using her targeting of them to raise money.  Love it!

And check out this April 1, 1957 news clip from the BBC.  Always wondered where spaghetti came from! (And I do seem to be leaning heavily on video these mornings, eh?)


Finally, last night’s game between the USWNT and Mexico was played out to a 1-0 win for the US … in a Utah spring snowstorm.  I watched the first half … very challenging conditions, to say the least!

No b-ball tonight … hmmmm … what to do?  Maybe a run after work?  Watch out, Concord, JordanCornblog is on the move!

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1 Response to April Fools Joke from Obama … and Others

  1. Alice says:

    After their goal some of the US women celebrated by lying on the ground and making snow angels–what a sight–not your typical soccer celebration for sure. The conditions were unbelieveable– lots of slipping and sliding; I never saw anything like it.


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