The Butler Did It!

So … it’s down to the wire in our bracket tournament.  As I see it playing out it’s between reades and afboyny23.  Should Butler pull off the upset, reades will be set for life … sorta.  And should Duke win its 4th national championship, afboyny23 will need to be hiring an attorney and an accountant to help with managing the windfall!  Me?  I’m just thinking maybe we should have a pool to bet on who’s gonna prevail?  Will it be a college-level version of “Hoosiers” or kinda like the Yankees winning another World Series?

Oh, and sorry, murraydewd … it would’ve been quite a story, though, had West Virginia pulled out the win for ya!

But today the focus shifts (for some it never left) to the women’s side … as San Antonio rocks with this year’s Women’s Final Four!

In the earlier final we have Stanford versus Oklahoma and, in the late … UConn versus Baylor.  These are interesting match-up’s … and while I am usually a fan of the underdog, I am unabashedly rooting for UConn this year.  I enjoy the spirit, as well as the skill and work ethic of the 2010 Huskies.  And honestly, there’s something about Baylor that gets under my skin.  I’ll try to figure it out tonight … should anyone be interested … and mostly I just hope it’s a good game.

And the early game?  I keep expecting Stanford to fall for some reason … will the Sooners take ’em down, or will we get the final that everyone has been expecting pretty much since the season began?  Stay tuned!

We’ve got a few of our players in the women’s bracket down there, amazingly … beeg23, brigitte 19 and plrock … and ya gotta check out Rebecca Lobo’s interview with Jayne Appel.  Lots of great stuff on the channel … check out Tina Charles – Dewd (it’s about 5 or 6 interview before Jayen Appel)!

How can anyone NOT like this zany UConn team?  😉

Anyone know a good hashtag that’s being used for the Women’s Final Four on Twitter?  Looks like #wff is the place to check if you want to follow along and chat during the game!

Catch ya later … I’m off for a run!  😉

PS  I see a visitor this morning from Wimberly, Texas … is that one of our bracketeers?

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3 Responses to The Butler Did It!

  1. PS – Any good Sox blogs that you’re recommend? I’d love to link to a couple.


  2. You’re right … although maybe that’s where the guest bloggers come in! 😉 My heart’s with the Phillies .. with the Red Sox a close second. Truth be told, it was so nice outside … and the morning was slipping by so fast, I just bolted. But yes – Go Sox!


  3. AMR says:

    We need to convert you into a more hardcore Red Sox fan. How could I read through this whole post and there not be a SINGLE mention about Sox v. Yankees for opening day?! ::sigh:: I have faith that you will get there, young one….


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