And Now There are Two

While we had another beautiful, warm, daffodil-blooming day yesterday in NH … the snows were still melting up at the lake.  Thanks for the pics, HollyCornblog!

In the Women’s Final Four last night the games that looked on paper like they could be run-away’s both offered some nailbiting moments as they wended their ways to their expected denouments.  The final will pit Stanford against UConn tomorrow night … the rematch that we’ve been looking toward all year.

Kudo’s to Oklahoma and Baylor for making it very interesting!  Baylor, in particuler, with their freshman Brittney Griner, looks like they should be in the mix for quite a few years to come.  But last night, Maya Moore took over and did it for the Huskies!

In our brackets, looks like, barring an upset, tylerdewdney is headed toward riches untold!

In other sporting news (AMR, I was paying attention!) the Red Sox came back after the evil-ones pounded Beckett … and won their season-opener against the Yankees at Fenway 9-7.  The Phillies open up today against the Nationals, with POTUS throwing out the first pitch.

Tonight it’s Butler versus Duke in the men’s final (too late for yours truly, I’m afraid) … and what’s with the Eagles, Redskins, and McNabb?  Does this mean we’ll be watching Kevin Kolb for the birds this coming season?  Will I be able to get used to that?  And why trade him to a division opponent?  Seems crazy.  really.

Maybe I’ll write more later … ya never know.

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