Well, as Boltgirl Tweeted, "I hate Dook"

Yeah, it was Duke.  But congrats to afboyny23 on winning it all (don’t forget to report the $$ in your taxes)!  You hung in and pulled out the win after a maelstrom of messier-than-usual March Madness.  And sorry, reades … you gave it the old college try, quite literally!

POTUS, if you’re reading this … well … congrats on winning your game of POTUS on the White House Court.  Oh yeah, and health insurance reform, too.

Here’s the list of top scorers in the NY Times Bracket … I am amazed that anyone could have gotten the Final Four right this year.  You deserve an iPad … or whatever the prize was!

Meanwhile, we’ve got a game tonight, down in San Antonio!  Check out the post game quotes at NCAA.com – just click the links toward the bottom of the page for interesting stff from both Stanford and UConn!  Same page … if you click “Pressers” you get lots of different video options.  Who will win it all?  (I mean our bracket game … not the final, silly!)  Will it be tylerdewdney or beeg23?

Oh, and Roy Halliday had a nice outing yesterday, giving up just one run in his first outing in a Phillies uniform!

I gotta go walk the dogs … have a great day!  😉

PS  Happy Birthday, Margaret!  (Buy a painting from Margaret today … it’ll make her happy!!!)

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