Congrats Huskies! (And Mo – What Happened????)

Well, it sure wasn’t pretty, but the Huskies pulled out the win (as did tylerdewdney in our women’s bracket).  I guess this means that our winner will be able to afford to fly home … and maybe even buy a new pair of soccer cleats!  😉  He can thank Maya Moore, who took over in the second half.  The rest, as they say, was history-in-the-making.  Geno is 7 for 7 in NCAA Tournament Finals, and jbd can relax now … as her team has done it again!

Meanwhile (darn it all) the Yankees beat the Red Sox 6-4 last night.  Phillies play their second game of the new season tonight at 7.

And, as opening day approaches … here’s the Breakers roster for 2010!  They open against the Freedom in MD on Saturday.  Are you in?

Me?  I’m late!

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