Hmmmmm …. Cloudy Sunday

Psyched for the Breakers home opener no matter what!

I read on Twitter that Kelly Smith is still tending to her knee. 

Just seen a top orthopaedic physical therapist about my knee. Happy days ahead. I feel it in the air !!!

The bad news .. she’s still got an issue.  The good news … she sounds upbeat about it!  Hope it’s all good, Kelly – going to a PT is ALWAYS a great idea IMHO!  And if this dude doesn’t work out and you need a good on in NH, check out Foothills Physical Therapy.  (They’ve treated quite a few elite athletes, even here in little NH, and we could find a place to put you up for the night, too, I’m sure!)

In yesterday’s WPS match-up’s the Red Stars played to a 1-1 tie with the Athletica, showing well against a strong squad from St. Louis.  meanwhile FC Gold Pride blew the lid off, beating Sky Blue FC 3-1 on the strength of 2 by Sinclair and 1 by Marta.  I don’t know about you, but I think a team packed with Marta, Christine Sinclair, and Camille Abily is going to be very scary once they start clicking.

Anyway – a good soccer day yesterday … and I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing Lil, Kelly, Alex, Ali … and our newbies like Lauren Cheney, Stephanie Cox, Tiffany Weimer … who am I missing?  Looking forward to seeing the whole Breakers crew … as WPS play returns to Cambridge, rain or shine.

Here are some slides of the Breakers’ “Meet the Team Party” back on April 5th … warm and sunny, as I recall … 😦

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Meanwhile, these photos by Lisa Cole are cool (from the 2009 Euros).  Wouldn’t you like to be at that table?  And whose little rustic cottage is that?  Pia’s, I’m guessing.  😉

Find more photos like this on Women’s Professional Soccer

Onward, here – lots more I could be writing about (Apocalyptic-ish clouds of ash, no hitters and 20-inning baseball games. But it’s time to get started on the day.  Go Breakers!

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