Lots of Congratulations Due and Look Who's Back!

There’s a long list of folks and entities to be congratulated this morning, so here they are in no particular order …

  • To the SEC for acting like a regulatory agency … and how interesting that it’s Paulson and Company that’s the particular entity within Goldman Sachs that’s especially on the hot seat right now.  I hope that some piece of all this will eventually be traced back to the Bushies.  Wish that a relentless and dogged prosecutor (like Kenneth Starr, but with a more substantive undertaking) would latch onto all this.  Meanwhile the GOP continues to stonewall efforts toward reform … seems desperate and crazy to me and I’m glad the Dems are pushing ahead and calling them out.
  • To RPE for getting honors … yahoo for you!  Well done and well-deserved.
  • To Boltgirl’s son for starting the university journey … and to Boltgirl, who will figure it all out, we’re sure!
  • To Roy Halladay and the Phillies, for another win … keep it up guys!  (And to my man Chase Utley for topping the HR list this morning.)
  • To JordanCornblog for not mentioning you-know-who for nearly a week.
  • And to our daffodils, who’ve kept their heads up despite a bizarre month that included record high temps (87, I think I heard) and snow!

On the WPS front, Week 2 is about to get underway.  The Athletica travel to Chi-town to play the Red Stars today.  The Athletica are coming off an impressive win, while the Red Stars opened their season with a disappoionting loss to Sky Blue FC.  Also on Saturday, FC Gold Pride (who on paper look like they should pack an awful lot of scoring punch) have their home opener, facing Sky Blue FC (the team in the puzzling orange uniforms – at least when they are at home.)

As an aside, can anyone in the world tell me why, why, why a team with the words “sky blue” in their name would NOT have sky blue uniforms?  How did the decision get made?  What was the thinking.  I am truly curious about it.  Alice, Dewd … perhaps we can discuss tomorrow as we drive to Harvard Stadium.  K?

Anyway – I look for FC Gold Pride to bounce back for a win.  Sky Blue wasn’t looking dominant last Sunday … and I’m thinking that that opening day loss didn’t sit well with Marta et al.

On Sunday we’ve got the Freedom versus the Beat and in an interesting home opener for the Breakers, the Philly Independence (with A-rod and Heather Mitts) are coming to town!  (This match-up is also the game of the week on the Fox Soccer Channel – 6PM ET).  As I’ve written in other posts, I’m particularly interested to see how A-rod performs on her old home field … after a first-year season that looked to be very difficult.  I, for one, am hoping that she makes a good showing … BUT not enough to spell a win for Philly.  (And I apologize ahead-of-time, because I know that when I tempt  fate with complex hopes like that, it can really screw things up!)

The WPS … and Philly and Boston … are touting the “return” angle to the hilt.  It’s great fun – and I hope it brings people to the stadium in spite of the crappy weather.  (Won’t be as crappy as it is today … but still, typical New England April unpredictability.)

Quickly – before I make my shopping list and head to town to buy our supplies for the week – here are some more women’s soccer-related tidbits (again, in no particular order):

Okay, off to the day!  😉

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2 Responses to Lots of Congratulations Due and Look Who's Back!

  1. I’ve tweeted the question … we’ll see what emerges from the vast caverns of the Twitterverse!


  2. Alice says:

    Wanting to prepare for our in-depth discussion re. US women’s soccer uniform color choices I did some research–http://www.womentalksports.com/items/read/29/143991–and found that Sky Blue’s uniform color was, astoundingly, sky blue with two discrete slashes of orange What does JordanCornblog know that I don’t re. this season’s array of fashion hues?



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