Obama Gets Some Heat … and JordanCornblog is Feeling it, Too!

It’s one of those mornings when everything goes wrong … from losing files on the computer to typing too fast and grablnig all srots fo wrods!

Meanwhile … Obama took some heat from the LGBT Community in CA … and I’m rushing off to work, with things backed up on all fronts, and little to show for the morning.

Ah well .. breathe in, breathe out … in the grand scheme of things I am lucky, grateful … and it’s a beautiful morning.  So life is good, even if I’m getting behinder and behinder with each tick of the clock!

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1 Response to Obama Gets Some Heat … and JordanCornblog is Feeling it, Too!

  1. Alice says:


    Its rungs and its resting
    it’s propped in a tree
    to let the girl reach bird-
    pecked cherries, a few
    whole ones–bare foot
    up step, by step, the dark
    ground footing her progress,
    under the ladder feet.
    This climbing is easy
    when you’ve put a ladder
    in a proper place and
    space is measured out by
    silver lines–straight–
    vertical and horizontal–
    until the branches twist
    away and criss-cross
    and offer other ways to go
    to reach cherries–
    the few sweet whole ones
    that are set so far out
    you cannot reach them
    easily but must bend and
    twist, bare arms scratched,
    a hand stretched out,
    grasping to get what is out there.

    –Gigi Marks


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