In Arizona, Only the Diamondbacks are Winning

Yes, the Diamondbacks beat the Phillies last night in what sounded like an excellent effort on their part.  While the Diamondbacks got it done, the rest of the state (with the exception of Boltgirl and her friends and family) was not simply embarrassing itself but causing serious geological damage to the southwestern part of the US.

Yes, Arizona appears to have moved so far to the right that it’s dislodged itself from its border with liberal-infested California (creating a brand new, yet-to-be-named canyon) and is pressing against the boundary with New Mexico (creating a brand new, yet-to-be-named mountain range).

Of course, this is not what they were hoping for.  The aim was to create something more like a mountain or canyon along that pesky southern border where all the nasty illegals come in.  But instead, Arizona has simply isolated itself from its neighboring states and made itself appear, at best, bonkers.  Jan Brewer and John McCain … this is shameless and will come back and bite you.  (At least I sure hope it will!)

Speaking of Jan, here’s an interesting glimpse of her authenticity … what a woman!


Moving right along … the Breakers face off against the Athletica in St. Louis tomorrow evening (6PM ET) – and it’s the televised match this week.  It’s a game that’s going to decide who holds first place for the coming week.

The FC Gold Pride visit Georgia to face off against the Beat in today’s lone match … and I look for the Beat’s defense to be sorely tested by the Bay Area’s scoring machine!  In Sunday’s games we have the Freedom versus Philly out in West Chester (and I’m right back to rooting for the Philly team).  Also up on Sunday is a rematch of Sky Blue FC and the Red Stars – where I look for the Red Stars to start putting their shots away … because Boltgirl needs some good news!

And then there’s the Breakers/Athletica contest.  The Breakers defense will continue to be stalwart … but can they amp up their scoring and get a couple past Hope?  That’s what I’m hoping for!  Maybe a little more time from Tiffany Weimer … what do you think, Tony?  It actually will be interesting to see what sorts of adjustments he makes.

Here’s a preview of the weekend’s matches from Women’s Soccer Weekly.  Oh, and I took the plunge and joined Beulah’s WPS Fantasy League.  (Go BreakersNorth!!)

And last but not least … this takes @ 4.5 minutes to watch and is quite amazing. Thanks, Alison, for sharing it with me … wonderful images of women in sacred art through time.  I must admit, though, being from Canterbury and all, I felt the absence of Ann Lee … not to mention my current personal favorite sacred image of womanhood … Rachel Maddow!


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