Los Suns, U VA, Big Ben and LT

It’s been an up and down week, kinda like the Dow yesterday.  I feel haunted by the news of the Yeardley Love slaying in Charlottesville.  Such a tragic waste!

Aside from the terrible particulars of the crime, and the “what if’s” that rise to plague the mind, I feel so sad for all the other students … and especially for the seniors who’ve worked hard and were slated to celebrate their commencement.  Now, shadowing their time is this intrusion of terrible thuggishness.  There are lessons here, to be sure.  I am just so sorry … because at 22 the lessons shouldn’t be so soul searingly ugly and irrevocable.

Of course I don’t know the whole story but can you see your way clear to any conclusion other than thinking that the young man in question is a stunted, privileged, and frightful bully?

And speaking of stunted bullys … I am disgusted by the insights we’re receiving into Big Ben’s persona … and about Lawrence Taylor’s absolute despicableness.  The world of sports … where I retreat when the big banks and teabaggers and oil spills become too depressing … is becoming as ugly and twisted as all the rest of it.  Arrrgh … denial just ran into a big old wall!!

Then, there are the stories like the uplifting one out of Arizona, as Los Suns renamed themselves and came from behind to beat the Spurs the other night.  Thanks to the likes of Steve Nash for a reminder that jocks aren’t all thugs … and as for Big Ben and LT, I’m done.

Finally, welcome to this world, Olivia May (and congrats Alice)!  May you have lots of Steve Nash’s cross your path as you grow and explore.  And should you come upon a Big Ben or LT, may you quickly recognize what you’re dealing with … and walk away.

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