Soft Rain

It’s chilly here in NH this morning, and a soft rain is falling.  The gardens (with the exception of the ones I am responsible for) are looking absolutely beautiful this spring.  Must get cracking tomorrow (Always tomorrow, it seems.  I may need to pin this down a wee bit more for myself.)  Anyway, for today it ain’t on the list.  And it’s raining … sooooo …

Who am I trying to justify myself to, anyway?

Maybe HollyCornblog … who is always very, productive and hardworking?  But she’s not exactly the critical type.  Must just be those critical voices in my head.  The ones that yammer on and on, just under the radar for the most part … insidiously sapping my energy and confidence whilst fueling competition, comparativeness, and whiffs of paranoia here and there.  Yeah.

Begone, you echoes of grouchy and judgmental adults who used to hold sway over me.  Don’t need that stuff infecting my Saturday, or ANY precious day, for that matter.  I got rid of SP … I know I can get rid of you!  😉

So .. what have we going on?  The WPS is entering Week 5 with most games today, and the Beat vs. Sky Blue FC as the lone Sunday game (that’s the one on Fox Soccer Channel at 6PM ET).  The Breakers face off against the Freedom, and need to pull out of the offensive doldrums and post a win.  It’ll be a tough match, as their trajectories, today, seem to be in opposite directions.  I hope Beulah makes it to the B’s game … and for Comcast folks, you may be able to catch it on cable (not sure how that all works, but here’s what the Breakers’ front office says about it …

The Breakers travel to face the Washington Freedom this Saturday, seeking their second win against the Freedom this season while earning three points on the road. You can watch all of the action LIVE on Comcast SportsNet on Saturday evening at 6:00 PM EST. The Breakers will also host a game watch at Cityside at 1960 Beacon Street, Brighton, Mass. on Saturday at 6:00.

Make sure to print our your official Member game notes as you follow the action. You can print and download them at the following link:

Go Breakers!

I thought the B’s were playing at 7PM … but if you check in at 6, I guess you’ll find out …

Atlanta will be showcasing their new stadium on Sunday night … and aiming to cap the festivities with a win.  (And I am scrambling, as my fantasy team got pounded last week.  In soccer, I’m learning, if you guess wrong you can be very VERY wrong!)

Other than all this, congrats to Los Suns on being on the verge of sweeping the Spurs and to the Phillies’ Jamie Moyer for being the oldest pitcher ever (at 47) to pitch a shutout.  Nicely done – especially on the heels of the great Robin Roberts‘ death!

Meanwhile, Mel Gibson continues to solidify his rabid right-wing cred by allegedly cavorting with another porn star.  And then there’s George Rekers … and on and on.  Check out the details about George … very annoying but worth the read!  It must be exhausting, maintaining one’s status in that company of repressed religious dudes … who, come to think of it, probably have judgmental, critical, insidious voices that sound just like some of those echoes in my head.  Small world, eh?

Okay, gotta get myself moving here … have a great Saturday!

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