Chilly Tuesday

This bright and chilly morning I’m hoping that not too many folks had their gardens nipped by the frosty night.  Ours look none the worse for wear.

Willie (our black lab) was sadly surprised to have no breakfast this morning.  He’s slated for surgery on a small-but-annoying growth that he’s got on his eyelid.  He’ll be much happier once it’s gone – but just try explaining that to a hungry and joyfully expectant dog first thing in the AM.  The message clearly did not get through and, if it’s possible for Labs to sulk, that’s probably what he’s doing downstairs right now.  (Actually, I don’t think it is possible … he’s just too sweet natured.  Now, Ruby, on the other hand …)  😉

I’m off to visit HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew on Friday.  We’ll (hopefully) get the dock in without freezing (too much) and do other opening-up tasks at the lake.  Looking forward to some hang-out time, too … maybe a trip to Mahar’s in Albany!

On the sports front, the Red Sox, Phillies and Flyers won (nice) … and the Breakers are worrisome.  Midfield, whazzup?

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2 Responses to Chilly Tuesday

  1. Oh no – I am sorry to hear that … but I think you’re right – they’ll bounce back (just like the Sox)! Willie is bouncing back, too … and appears to have enjoyed the drugs!


  2. Eleanor says:

    A little nipping occurred over here in my garden, I’m afraid. The astilbes and one of the buddleia look pretty sad, but I’m hoping they’re recover. I hope by now your patient is home and feeling better. Poor boy…


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