Wonderful Willie!

Willie is recuperating nicely and seems very happy to be rid of the irritant that had been growing on his eyelid.  (That phrase, or maybe just the word irritant, makes me think, briefly and fleetingly, of an individual about whom I no longer write  … funny.  Take a deep breath, JordanCornblog … you needn’t go there!)

Anyway, Willie was comfortably mellow yesterday evening … the result of the drugs, no doubt.  We thank Dr. Fiona for doing so well by our sweet boy!

On the WPS front, the power rankings for this week continue to reflect badly on the Breakers … who face a tough match-up Friday evening against FC Gold Pride, who lost Camille Abily last week, but continue to shine.

On the amazing details front … who knew that Tina Fey grew up in Upper Darby?  She was born on May 18, 1970 … just as CB and I were getting ready to graduate from neighboring Haverford High School.

Wonder if she ever drove by my house?  😉

Thanks for the info … CB via HollyCornblog!

Finally, I like this take on Change, from The Writer’s Almanac


by Louis Jenkins

All those things that have gone from your life,

moon boots, TV trays and the Soviet Union, that

seem to have vanished, are really only changed.

Dinosaurs did not disappear from the earth but

evolved into birds and crock pots became bread

makers and then the bread makers all went to

rummage sales along with the exercise bikes.

Everything changes. It seems at times (only for

a moment) that your wife, the woman you love,

might actually be your first wife in another form.

It’s a thought not to be pursued….Nothing is the

same as it used to be. Except you, of course,

you haven’t changed…well, slowed down a bit,

perhaps. It’s more difficult nowadays to deal with

the speed of change, disturbing to suddenly find

yourself brushing your teeth with what appears

to be a flashlight. But essentially you are the

same as ever, constant in your instability.

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2 Responses to Wonderful Willie!

  1. In precisely what way is Willie your role model? (The drugs?)


  2. Alice says:

    In yet another way Willie is my role model. Glad to hear all went well. Onward……………….


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