I am so out of the loop when it comes to the WNBA, it’s unconscionable.  Brigitte, I apologize.

I see that Atlanta and Seattle are running away with things in their respective conferences at present.  And there’s a team in Tulsa?  Sorry … THAT’s how out of it I am!  I learned this morning that they are the old Shock … and they’re the team that’s got Marion Jones.  (She played nine minutes and netted 2 points against the Lynx on Friday.)

Keep meaning to get down to see the Sun one of these days!  (JBD … did you know they’ve got Tina Charles?)

Learned from the Beeg that Coach Pokey is alive and well and on Twitter … for those who’d like to keep up as she rehabs her image and gets back into the mix …

FC Gold Pride and the Freedom played to a 1-1 tie yesterday.  This evening it’s the Beat vs. the Red Stars.

The Phlyers are ready to hit the ice for game 5 … and I am still waiting to hear who Mo is rooting for!


PS  At some point, I will begin to write about more weighty and relevant subjects here.  Perhaps after I retire from my day job.

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