Crystal Day

Yes – it’s one of those days when the sun sparkles and shadows dance across each achingly individual leaf and every moment is filled with potential.  It is gorgeous, and the trick is to somehow co-exist with the beauty … rather than being overwhelmed into open-mouthed wonderment and near-paralysis … resulting in inactivity and, ultimately, regret.

Deciding how to use this precious time … it will be a challenge … and the crystal moments slip by … even as I write this.  Could write myself into a panic if I’m not careful … shite … hurry JordanCornblog, hurry!  Life is passing by … irretrievable moments are slipping away.  Hurry … you just missed about ten things while you typed that sentence!

It reminds me of one of my favorite jokes … seen on some TV show like Saturday Night Live many years ago … can’t remember who presented it … Gilda Radnor fits.  Anyway, she was on her way to an appointment and was held up by a traffic accident or something equally unexpected.  Her wailing comment … “Now I’m going to be late for everything for the rest of my life!”

Do you think about that?  Small things that affect the timing of your arrival?  Small things that affect the shape and trajectory of the moment that follows … and then the next … and so on?  Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect … welcome to the adventure that is Tuesday morning in Canterbury, New Hampshire!

Makes me think of the story David Swan by Nathaniel Hawthorne … about a young man who falls asleep by the road … and has a whole parade of events NEARLY happen to him.  It’s an amazing tale – and well worth the read.  Here’s how it starts:

We can be but partially acquainted even with the events which actually influence our course through life, and our final destiny. There are innumerable other events–if such they may be called–which come close upon us, yet pass away without actual results, or even betraying their near approach, by the reflection of any light or shadow across our minds. Could we know all the vicissitudes of our fortunes, life would be too full of hope and fear, exultation or disappointment, to afford us a single hour of true serenity. This idea may be illustrated by a page from the secret history of David Swan.

Read on … it’s fascinating!  Read and wonder what might have happened to you, had you done something other than read that story (or this blog) in the moments that it took.  Good luck … and enjoy your day … I’m off to see what I can see … before any more time slips by!

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