Sunday Meanderings

It sure looks like a hot day is on the way today … with thunderstorms on the horizen.  I’ve been taking a slow tour of some favorite haunts, noting that Boltgirl has significantly changed her site’s look … tho’ the content remains as always – thankfully!

I’m contemplating doing the same … come January when the bill from my webhost comes due again.  Going the free, route allows me to justify signing up for the HTC Droid Incredible … and reassures me that my rationalizing skills remain intact!  Take a peek and let me know what you think!  😉

In other randomness, RPE is packing up today to head off for the first leg of her new, post-grad journey … a summer internship at St. Paul’s School here in Concord.  Hope the packing isn’t too painful today … and we’ll see you in August!

Have you heard of a site called Data Ferrett?  It’s a huge collection of Government Databases (census stuff, social security … other huge collections of data for mining).  I had a meeting at work last week with someone who had an issue … and we ended up chatting happily about data collection by the end … not that the issue had gone away, but at least we were feeling a tad more amicable for the moment.  Anyway – looks like a cool site (if I can figure out how to use it)!

Looks like the Phillies’ bullpen fell apart yesterday in a wildly high-scoring loss to the Twins, while the Red Sox beat up on Manny and the Dodgers again.  Here’s hoping Doc Halladay can help the Phillies notch a win over the Twins today!

I’m off … getting ready to celebrate MLH’s 90th today … and set up the DVR for whatever World Cup matches are slated for today!!!

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2 Responses to Sunday Meanderings

  1. Oh no! I guess that’s gonna happen with the Incredible, too. The phone won’t be here ’til mid-July at the earliest, apparently.

    Review to follow … once I have the thing figured out. I’m guessing some vacation time will be needed.

    Last I checked CNet was big into Bran Buds … go figure!


  2. boltgirl says:

    I hope an Incredible review is coming soon. Can’t believe Verizon didn’t bother to tell me they were phasing out Eris like two weeks after I bought mine. Now I’m not even buying cereal without checking CNet first.


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