Breakers Have Me Stymied

Don’t they seem like a better team than their record would imply?  Why can’t they score more goals?

The defense is solid … but their scoring output … and I’m not just talking this year … is abysmal.

Breakers fans on BigSoccer are getting restless and testy … and I find myself annoyed with Tony.  Not just because they’re not scoring but because he seems generally petulant.  I have not liked watching him walk away from the team after a tough loss.  Didn’t like what I observed of his treatment of A-Rod last year.

It leads me to wonder about him as a coach.  Maybe all that success back in the day was more attributable to the players and the leadership from within the team than to Tony’s genius.  Seems he’s good on the defensive side of the field … but maybe he needs to bring in some offensive expertise to spark the team.

Remember how they looked under Pia?  They are working damn hard out there, from what I can tell … but under pressure … as opposed to with encouragement to take risks and be creative … oh, and joy.  Makes a world of difference, I’m thinking.

On the HollyCornblog front … check out more of her artistry with the sindow and sill.

Artistry with the plane, sandpaper and brush … AND with the camera.

I’m thinking of getting her to sell HollyCornblog notecards here on the blog.

I’m sure they’ll be a steal … any takers?

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2 Responses to Breakers Have Me Stymied

  1. I will let HollyCornblog know. And the Breakers? Well … I am focusing on the men for the moment. Back to the B’s shortly.


  2. Alice says:

    Another gorgeous photo! And, yes, I’d be interested in some Holly Cornblog notecards (especially if they included some photos of her neat whimsical castles-in-the-woods, too.)

    As for the Breakers, you’ve said it all. : (


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