Another HollyCornblog Photo as the USMNT Gets Ready to WIN!

Here’s another great photo sent along by HollyCornblog … imagine it gracing your notecard collection!  😉

Who would you send this beauty to?  Or maybe you’d want to just frame it and keep it for yourself!

(Can you tell that I am working on honing my marketing skills?)

On the soccer front (not that I’ve exhausted the above topic, mind you) Les Bleus are gone (mercifully, it would seem) and the US Men need a big win!  (Okay … they don’t actually need a win … or a big win .. but it sure would help some of us relax!  (Ski, are you with me there?)

Here are the possible scenarios, from USSoccer:


USA Advances:

* U.S. win

* U.S. tie and England loss

* Tie and England-Slovenia tie, and the U.S. maintains it’s +2 goals scored advantage (USA 3 GF, England 1 GF)

USA Eliminated:

* U.S. tie and England win

* Lose

USA Advances and Wins Group:

* Win by a greater goal difference than England wins by

* Win and England win by same goal differential while the U.S. maintains its +2 goals scored advantage

* Win by two or more goals and England / Slovenia tie

* Win by one goal and England / Slovenia tie while scoring more goals than Slovenia

As I said … the US needs a BIG win!

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