You thought I’d be writing about the USA, didn’t you?  But this 10-hour, still-undecided tennis match, tops the list of sporting news, I’m afraid.  These guys … John Isner and Nicholas Mahut … are in the throes of qualifying for Wimbledon.  But it appears that they may also be in the throes of forcing the entire tournament to be delayed!  😉

Never before in the history of Wimbledon, which first was contested in 1877, had any match — singles or doubles, men or women — lasted more than 112 games, a mark set in 1969. Isner and Mahut played more games than that in just the fifth set, and still did not determine a victor, although the American came close: He had four match points — four chances to end things by winning the next point — but Mahut saved each one.

Presumably, the match will end today … if both men can walk themselves onto the court to finish the thing!  The following video is long … amazing … exhausting …


And yes … the USA not only moved on in World Cup play, but they won their group in breathtaking, death-defying fashion.  Bring it, Ghana!


Jimmy Rollins boosted the Phillies with his first-ever walk off home run last night … in the second game he’s played since being on the disabled list forEVER!

And Obama relieved General McChrystal of his duties following McChrystal’s Rolling Stone interview heard round the world.  Bad enough, I’m thinking, what he said … but how dumb (or cocky) must you be to share stuff like that with a news venue?

I understand people kvetching about their bosses … but to the press?  At that level?  If that’s a reflection of his judgment … then I don’t want him in charge of a war.  (Leaving out the fact that I’d rather not have the war in the first place.)

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1 Response to 59-59

  1. Paula Rockwell says:

    Check out Gail Collins NYT column today, thursday..see a running list of General Mc. tweets… I am left with few words….


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