Friday sure came fast this week, didn’t it?  I’m honestly not that sure about what happened over the course of the past several days … but we seem to have survived it.  (And the US Men’s Soccer team did, too … so it’s all good!)

In the sporting world I see that the Phillies’ and Red Sox’ bats are alive and well, as both teams are moving up in the standings (and heading for a World Series showdown – mark my words.)  And speaking of showdowns, the Breakers and Red Stars clash at Harvard Stadium this evening in a game which the B’s really, really need to win (as do the Red Stars).  It’s going to be a beautiful evening for soccer … and is a damn shame that none of us can make it down for the game.  Anyway – let’s score some, Breakers … okay?

Next week Breakers Lauren Cheney, Kristine Lilly, Alex Scott, Kelly Smith, and Amy LePeilbet will be among the league’s All-Stars as they battle in “Marta’s XI” versus “Abby’s XI” in the 2010 WPS All-Star Game.  The match kicks off on June 30 at KSU Soccer Stadium in Kennesaw, Georgia.  You can watch the 7:30 pm pre-show on FSC and 8:00 pm kick off.

On Monday the 28th, Abby and Marta will be choosing their teams (great idea, if you ask me) … and you can follow it here or on Twitter, here!

But before that all gets underway … there’s that USA-Ghana game to contend with.  I am guessing that, by now, you know where to find it!

And here’s an interesting tidbit from Mudflats about she who will remain unnamed.  All I can say is, “Ooops!”

Oh .. and here’s what looks to be an excellent printer deal on Woot … (Canon PIXMA Wireless All-In-One Printer for $79.99) if you see it in time (and need a printer)!

And finally – watch Janeane answer some questions – love her!

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