Former VP Dick Cheney hospitalized for tests

I will refrain from saying ‘most everything that I am thinking, because it is a lovely morning and the air is soft and the day is new.  And who can know the fibrillating vagaries of another’s heart?  All I can say is that when Dick meets his maker … I hope his maker is a nicer dude than Dick was … for Dick’s sake.  (And yes, I did say was.)

There … a positive thought (you be the decider re. what, in particular, about the above is positive).  Positive thoughts are important today, as the USMNT faces off against Ghana in game one of the knockout Round.  And this is when our World Cup Pool starts yielding some results … so let the fun begin!  (And I think you should be able to see everyone’s picks here … if you dare.  Lots of France and Italy in the mix … sadly.)

The Breakers continue to baffle … losing to Chicago in a yellow-card studded match.  I am particularly worried at the low attendance.  (Our seats were filled, albeit not by us.)  Here’s the Breakers’ thread on BigSoccer … strangely quiet there this morning.

The Phillies battered the Blue Jays as Roy Halliday and their bullpen kept the Jays scoreless.  Moving up in the standings … what we like to see!  Meanwhile the Red Sox lost a real close one to the Giants … and kudos to the D-backs Edwin Johnson on his no-hitter … the 4th this year, so far, in a stellar pitching year in MLB.

But here’s the thing.  I am worried.

Worried about sun storms that are apparently looming on the horizen … threatening us with havoc and devastation.  Just when I am about to get a damn smartphone … crap!  It sounds within the realm of possiblity that the entire internet could be kaput before my 2-year commitment is done.  Experts are saying don’t panic …. but don’t ignore the warnings, either.

Great – that’s helpful!

Hmmmm … if I keep my phone under my bed when I’m not using it, will that help?

So before the sun storms bring YouTube to its knees, check out these two videos … Ellen at LSU in 2006 and again in 2009.  She had me laughing out loud …



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