Updates from Upstate

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew have been very busy up at the lake …  and fully engaged in their quest to become master carpenters!  They’ve moved from replacing windows to removing and replacing rotting wood along the base of the house.

DaddyCornblog had a bit of a penchant for simply covering up problems and hoping they would go away (or fix themselves).  I can relate.

Luckily for the longevity of the house, H&C are more prone to dig down and make a thorough job of it.

So, the first picture is of the rotting boards that DaddyC had covered up … and you can see the progress from then on as H&C worked through last weekend …

You can see where they sawed off the rotting wood … and then added the new boards and caulked and stained everything …

Nice work, you guys (and much appreciated)!

They also got last year’s excavations cleaned up – and new fill brought in.  Hopefully the drainage will be much improved and keep the house from listing toward the lake every year.

As an added bonus, they got the steps fixed …

The ancient steps down to the kitchen door  got dug up when all the major work was done last fall.  Here’s how the steps looked circa 1954 …

And here’s how they look today …

I’m thinking these new replacements should do the trick very nicely (and will probably keep use from slipping and falling as we age and get less sure footed … not that that’ll be happening any time soon, mind you)!

THIS weekend, I hope H&C will spend some time sailing or drinking beer on the dock … but realize that is probably doubtful!

PS  In other happy news, the terribly decimated Red Sox and Phillies continue to pull out wins (with the help of some questionable officiating in the latter case).  I don’t care – I’ll take it.  Hang in there, guys!!

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4 Responses to Updates from Upstate

  1. Okay … more windowsills. And more advil for you … and in the meantime … check out the SL videos. Have you seen her? If she ever comes anywhere near Boltgirl-territory I’d highly recommend her. Maybe with bourbon and branch water … not a gin and tonic gal, so far as I can tell.

    Now I have to go outside and weed or something … otherwise I’m likely to fritter away the whole afternoon listening to SL …fun, but I’m quite sure it’ll leave me feeling empty in the end.


  2. boltgirl says:

    Friday afternoon, long day with only Advil to kill the elbow and knees, no gin and tonic in sight, Boltgirl lapses and falls into LOLcat mode.

    Then again, when you’re as dorktacular as I am, those stair-tread windowsills pretty much double as pr0n.


  3. You are keeping me hip … thx … altho’ I hesitate to actually take your request seriously (a debilitating side effect of low self esteem). Here’s what I found when I Googled Moar …

    Gimme More

    The counterpoint to “do not want” and the drinking buddy of “sauce”, MOAR is an expression of interest and desire, indicating the poster wishes more of the same or similar type of content thus provided.

    More of a demand than a polite request, sources indicate it’s not just a throwback to the heady days of 1337speak when deliberate mispeelings were all the rage, but rather is a roar for more.

    Urban Dictionary:

    1. A combination of “more” and “roar”. 2. An order bellowed to a forum to remedy the bellower’s insufficient pr0n collection. Usually accompanied by foaming at the mouth. troll89 posts: omg she’s hawt! MOAR!!


  4. boltgirl says:



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