Cap and Trade = Bait and Switch?

Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire’s esteemed former AG, is running for NH’s State Senate as a Republican. Her political prowess is so superior that even the great Sarah Palin (sorry Jordy, I broke your streak!) has endorsed her candidacy.

But, the truth about Attorney Ayotte is starting to leak out.  Word has it that she is filtering funds to the adamantly anti-love group, Cornerstone Policy Research (I refuse to increase their site traffic to promote their ridiculous notions).  Ayotte has examples of going back on her word in order to case herself in a different light to conservative voters.  The letter below is an excellent example of her bait and switch politics:

EXCLUSIVE: In 2005, Ayotte wanted limits on carbon emissions, said it would create jobs
> by James Pindell
> Today a Washington organization backing Republican Kelly Ayotte for the U.S. Senate launched the most expensive attack television ad this cycle against Democrat Paul Hodes over his support of so-called cap and trade legislation. But in 2005 then state Attorney General Ayotte signed on to a letter with 13 other attorneys general urging the U.S. Senate to reject a George W. Bush backed environmental bill. One of the reasons that Ayotte and others opposed the Clear Skies Bill was its failure to limit and regulate carbon emissions.
> In addition to the environmental stand, the letter also went further to suggest that limiting carbon emissions would actually create jobs not destroy them as the Hodes ad suggested this morning.
> “More jobs would be created by more aggressive air pollution control programs such as EPA’s CAIR, but without the job-eliminating loopholes of this bill. A more stringent program that required the installation of scrubbers or the use of new clean coal technologies will both create more jobs and allow the continued mining of high sulfur coal. Addressing carbon dioxide would also create additional jobs related to the development of new technologies to control this pollutant,” the letter read.
> On Ayotte’s campaign website she talks about the need for more efficient and cleaner energy sources and goes on to say “Kelly understands that we need common sense solutions to our energy problems and opposes “cap and trade” legislation that is essentially a tax on Granite State families at a time when they can afford it least.”

Oh – what the heck.  Here’s another article about Ayotte and Cornerstone for good measure: Manchester Union Leader

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