Shelby Lynne Kicks Ass!

Went to see Shelby Lynne at Tupelo on Friday night and all I can say is .. loved her before … love her still.

Maybe even more, as she’s now broken some shackles and started her own label.  It’s called Everso … and her latest CD is on it!

She’s at Jonathan’s on 8/15 … worth a trip of you’re not already committed that evening.  Seriously.  (AMR, Peg, PaulaLR … I am talking to you!)

Here’s a playlist of her videos on YouTube (if you’re so inclined).

Love this rehearsal clip with Peter Wolf …


or this birthday tribute to Willie Nelson …


or this Rolling Stones cover from awhile ago …


And then there are the gay rumorslots of ’em.  Kinda cool … but truth be told, I just like Shelby … and as she might say, what the fu*k about the rest?

I’ll tell ya, after last night, Airstreams will never look the same to me … 😉

Here she is in CLEVELAND … singing about Airstreams!  It’s a little dark … but nice to listen to … and it was filmed in Cleveland, for pete’s sake!  (Maybe LeBron was there …)


Life is bad … at the Iron Horse in May …


Okay – gotta stop – or the day will be gone!

Oops … on more … from Johnny D’s in Sommerville … damn, wish I’d known about this!!!.  “Jubilation on the bayou” … one of my faves!


Didn’t know that her sister, Alison Moorer, is also a singer-songwriter.  Here they are together … with a song for their mother.  Watching the two of them sing that song … amazing!


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2 Responses to Shelby Lynne Kicks Ass!

  1. Right ‘o … moose face!


  2. Chris Cornblog says:

    Kelly Ayotte is running for the U.S. Senate… as a Republican.


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