Windowsills of My Mind

So, because Dick is still with us and I have nothing more pressing to write about at the moment .. and really should get myself out the door for a run before the sun gets too much higher .. here are some more windowsills (and one countertop) … all the handiwork of HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew … who might just need to quit their day jobs!Β  πŸ˜‰

If you can’t tell what’s what, just hover over the pictures and brief descriptive labels should pop up.

And now, onward!
Oh – catch the Breakers at 8PM ET tonight as they take on Philly on the Fox soccer channel! Check out the attendance figures for the year … nice to see Boston at the top … but scary, overall!

Boston Breakers 8 35,980 4,498
Washington Freedom 8 34,587 4,323
Chicago Red Stars 9 37,042 4,116
Atlanta Beat 6 22,906 3,818
Sky Blue FC 6 20,697 3,450
FC Gold Pride 9 27,869 3,097
Saint Louis Athletica 4 12,109 3,027
Philadelphia Independence 8 24,061 3,008
WPS TOTAL 58 215,251 3,711
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1 Response to Windowsills of My Mind

  1. boltgirl says:

    *sigh* I need some alone time now with my saw and belt sander. Thanks!


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