Liz and Dick

So Dick is out.  According to a statement released by the family, he has gone home to “continue his recovery,” and Liz told Fox News last Sunday that he plans to do some hunting and fishing.  (Shouldn’t Keep America Safe step in if Dick picks up a gun again?)

From everything I read, there really ain’t much of a recovery from this.  He’s either gone home to wait for a transplant (a perk of only the very richest 69-year-old’s here in the US of A) or to die.

There are no photos of him waving to reporters … leering.  I’m thinking he must look pretty ghastly or there would be some happy pix to reassure his base base.  But nothing … just a statement.

There are many who urge compassion as this man and his family deal with his dying.  I’ll need to think about that … hard.  Maybe I’ll just leave the compassion to God on this one … and leave Dick with a heartfelt song …


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2 Responses to Liz and Dick

  1. I, too, have been very puzzled by the pictures that accompany the news stories about Mr. C. That said, I suppose if money can buy a robust appearance, he’ll be looking pretty darn good when the grim reaper comes. That in itself is kind of ghoulish …

    But all I can really say is …
    tick …
    tick …
    tick …
    tick …
    tick …


  2. Alice says:

    On the news last night they showed Mr. C. walking to a car and waving that reluctant, half-hearted (pun intended!) wave of his as the newscaster spoke of his being released from the hospital. He looked fit I must say–in fact, I was surprised that he was so stocky in appearance. Now I’m wondering if the film was an old one. More and more I have noticed TV news media showing video over and over without indicating whether it is old or current–a practice I feel is deceptive as in this case–if in fact it was the case.


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