Hope's Tweeting Controversy and Other WPS News

Because I’ve got nothing on our pulseless ex-Veep, I thought I’d share some WPS news.  It’s certainly gotten a lot more interesting and gratifying for Breakers fans, as they continued their lossless streak against Philly this past Sunday.  Yes, it was a draw … but Boston remains one of the few teams that the Independence haven’t beaten this year.  And kudos to Kelly Smith on being named WPS Player of the week!

Earlier, the Breakers beat the Beat in a game that resulted in some Tweets from Hope Solo, creating a brouhaha and accusing some of the Breakers’ fan base of racism.  To my knowledge, Hope never (or hasn’t yet) clarified exactly what it was that set her off.  As was the case back on the bad old Greg Ryan days … it appears to me that frustration bubbled up and out into the (social) media … in a way that Hope probably now regrets.

It’ll make for an interesting game with the Beat down in Connecticut next weekend (the 21st).  As for the Breakers immediate challenges, they face off against Sky Blue FC on Sunday evening down in Cambridge!

Roy Oswalt looked strong for the Phillies last night … but they lost Ross Gload.  Chase … glad to hear you’re cleared to hold a bat … come back soon … then watch out, Braves!!

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2 Responses to Hope's Tweeting Controversy and Other WPS News

  1. boltgirl says:

    Wait wait wait–fantasy, yes! Never got a link. Oh help. I promise to play nice and lose.


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