Liz Sighted and Other News

That’s Liz as in Elizabeth Warren … who was apparently seen leaving the White House yesterday.  I sure do hope Obama does the right thing.

I’ve come upon some enlightening research about birth order which I share happily with you all, and with HollyCornblog and ChrisopherCornblog … and in preparation for a weekend with JBD’s family.  The title (“Sorry, kid, first-borns really are smarter”) is illuminating  … as is my need to share it!  Here’s a tool you can use to ferret out the effects that your birth order has had on you, at

Went to see Joan Rivers:  A Piece of Work last night and came away so impressed with her work ethic and wit.  She hasn’t replaced Shelby, but gave me a brief respite at least!


Half the time I feel like I shouldn’t be laughing … but mostly, I do … 😉

The Phillies are costing me sleep these days (not that I mind) as they are managing to win games that earlier in the season they’d have lost.  Last night it was the Dodgers losing a huge lead in the last two innings.

Go Phillies …. and I am outta here!

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