I Really Should Go for a Run This Morning, but …

Had been doing just great on the exercise front for @ a month when, on Tuesday, my foot started hurting.  I skipped my run on Wednesday and Thursday because it was obvious that it was a bad idea.  Yesterday my foot felt better, but I thought, “I’ll give it another day, just to be sure.”

Today?  Today I need to get packed up, make some potato salad, and generally get prepped for a weekend away.  So, knowing I won’t be running tomorrow morning … dare I skip one more run this morning?  I ask you …

This is how it happens.  A small change that throws me off track … followed by reasonable adjustments … then excuses … and finally, nada.

It would be so nice to be able to relate to exercise in a calm, measured, rational, adult way – taking breaks as needed, knowing that I’ll come back to it when it makes sense (rather than fearing that, after a “slip” it’ll be months before I strap on those sneakers again).  And of course, at 57 there’s the added fear that I might … just … NEVER … get started again.  Maybe Monday was my LAST RUN!

Yikes!  Looking on the bright side, relating to running in this way does add to the drama in an otherwise pretty undramatic life.  I mean, who knew I’d be writing such exciting stuff this morning?  Cliff-hanger material here!

Decision made:  I’ll forego the run today … and be ready to re-start those engines on Monday moring.  Stay tuned .. and make me accountable!  😉

PS  The Breakers play Sky Blue FC (or FC Sky Blue … I can never keep it straight) on Sunday.  Here’s what I’ve got … from my official Breakers e-mail:

The Boston Breakers will play at Harvard Stadium for the final time during the regular season this Sunday against Sky Blue FC at 6 p.m.

The Breakers still have one more “home” match in the 2010 regular season, which will be played at Veterans Memorial Stadium in New Britain, Connecticut on Saturday, August 21st. The Breakers scheduled the match in New Britain due to the scheduling conflicts at Harvard and to bring the Breakers and WPS to new fans in the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts regions.

For those who can’t make the game Sunday, it will be broadcast nationally on FoxSoccer Channel. The game can also be followed via webcast and WPS Match Tracker.

Game Notes for Sunday’s game against New Jersey are available for download here: http://drop.io/boxsbfc815

Oh yeah – and they’re asking their fans to wear blue.  I’ll see what I’ve got!
… and a wee bit of Shelby before I go … just cuz I’m alive!

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