Breakers Take It South Today

The Breakers travel to Connecticut to try to secure a play-off spot with Atlanta as their foil … and without the services of some key elements in their success.  Kelly Smith and Alex Scott are off with their fellow Brits, answering the call of national team duty.  Meanwhile, Leslie Osborne is lost to us for the rest of the season with a fractured collarbone.  Lil will be shining in her home state, I’m thinking … and I predict that Kacey Moore will get a header past Hope Solo today … helping the Breakers toward a decisive victory.  (Oh, and if anyone keeps tabs on my prognostications … they know how very accurate they can be … 20% of the time!)

If you have a chance to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World … believe Peter Travers … and me … and check it out!

A belated Happy Birthday to Boltgirl … blog on (and keep those frozen peas handy)!

And finally, for those who’d like the inside view of a nesting owl, there’s The Owl Box … thanks for the info, Jodi!  You can either click the link (or the large play button on the screen) and go to the site, or click the smaller play button below the screen to start the live feed in the screen right here (and avoid the ad). TV : Ustream

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