Maintenance Notice!

My web host tells me that they’ll be doing some kind of maintenance tonight …

WHEN: Saturday, August 21st 2010 | Start time: 10:30 PM EST – 7:00AM EST

So if you’re looking for JordanCornblog between those hours, it sounds like you’ll be out of luck.

(Of course, if you’re looking for JordanCornblog between those hours you won’t see this message, either.)

All I can say is … don’t panic! Check out the Shelby Lynne Videos on YouTube while you mark the empty hours, okay?  Here’s Shelby back in 1989 performing her debut solo single. Interesting comments if you go to the YouTube site.

Or better yet, go to Amazon and buy her CD’s … all of ’em! Yes, I mean every last danged one of ’em!

(And please don’t call looking for JordanCornblog, as I hope to be mostly sleeping during that Maintenance timeframe.)


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