Hops Beat Out Breakers and Phillies Today

Yup, it’s hops I’ll write about, as both the Breakers and the Phillies lost when they really, really should have won yesterday.

Hey Phillies … it’s August – you can’t afford to be losing to the Nationals, okay?

And Breakers … remember last year?  ’nuff said.

You can’t be losing to the Beat with a play-off slot on the line.  Yes, you were decimated … but still!  (And what I really, really want to know is how come Eniola Aluko wasn’t called up for some English national team duty, too?  Hope Powell … that was hardly fair!  Do you have it in for Tony or something?)

The Breakers next travel to West Chester, PA to play Philly in the FSC game of the week next Sunday.  That ain’t gonna be an easy one … and I’m getting nervous … again!

Anyway … so let’s turn to the happier subject of  hops.

HollyCornblog has been madly harvesting these little critters (they do look like critters, don’t they) for several days now.

She has them drying on a small drying rack (we’re talking really small) that I’d given her … and on their dining room table … and on a couch in their front room.

Then she got the great idea of bringing home an old screen door from the lake … and voila!

Meanwhile, it sounds like she’s got tons more to pick.  Can’t wait to sample a few brews … maybe in late November … watching hours upon hours of Sunday football.  Ahhhhh yessssss!!!!!

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3 Responses to Hops Beat Out Breakers and Phillies Today

  1. LOL, as I was reading your comment I ran my hand through my hair and snagged a small, green leaf … scared the CRAP out of me!


  2. BJ Entwisle says:

    they look like a bunch of green bees, or even larvae of some kind! yikes!!! beautiful door, however


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