FFootball Draft Done

Alice … you can stop reading right here, because while it felt like waking up on Christmas morning for some of us, for most of the world, this brief post will hold absolutely no interest.

The 3 Blitzen Babes made out well at the QB spot, snagging Aaron Rodgers.  But god help us if he gets hurt … as, with 20 teams, there are no viable QB’s left to pick up on Waivers.  We’re very thin in the Wide Receiver slot, too.  This is going to be a very interesting season.

Lots of horse-trading, I predict.

But it’s a beautiful day … and I gotta get started.  First on the To Do List … cleaning up the basement so I can exercise down there without breathing in cobwebs.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by?

PS  The Breakers play Philly in West Chester this evening – game of the week on FSC.  Philly could clinch a play-off spot with a win.  (Don’t let that happen, B’s!)

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2 Responses to FFootball Draft Done

  1. Get thyself to Einstein’s … much safer there! 😉


  2. Alice says:

    A Case of Expanding Marginalization

    First there’s Boltgirl in Tucson all ecstatic over Zonum Solutions that measure UTMs (that’s an ‘M’ not an ‘I’)–to which I murmur, ‘Huh?’. Closer to home JordanCornblog and friends are gleeful over the FFootball draft: another’ Huh?’. Then I’m contentedly reading an online article about the artist Fairfield Porter and invited to join tumbler minus the ‘e’–tumblr: third ‘Huh?’ and it’s not yet 9 am.



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