Items of Interest

ChristopherCornblog sent me a fascinating link about a publisher (Concord Free Press) that will give you a book for donating to a charitable cause.  So far so good … as they report that “Our readers around the world report more than $152,375! in donations—be sure to tell us where you gave.”

If you go to the site, you’ll see the running list of donors and donees.   I do wonder if this one occurred within the family … “Ying C. of Concord, MA gave $250 to a needy student.”

Seems like a neat idea, though … and I’ll be exploring it further this evening.

Then from Alice I had this article from the NY Times about the new Kindle.  (Mine should be arriving today, briefly slaking my thirst for new gadgets.)

Finally, from Alison … this link to a blog post written by a woman who went undercover in a white supremacist group and then told the tale.  You can listen to an interview with her here.

On the docket for tonight … a letter to the editor about the lying lightweight that is John Stephen.

Ahhhhhh …

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