Happy B-day JBD … and A Coupla Other Things!

Yup … one of the 3 Blitzen Babes has a birthday today (as does SirHitsAlot’s dad).  It’s a special day … and we wish them both a wonderful year!

Down in AZ, I see that Jan Brewer is standing tall against the forces of sanity … a familiar scenerio across the country, as the crazy GOP base is frighteningly energized.  There are plenty of words for this in the DSM IV, if anyone cares to check.  Take a look at this bizarre video, in which Brewer refuses to recant her statements about headless bodies in the Arizona desert …


Honestly, if you watch the whole thing, I find it equally disturbing that the TV station has kindly divided the entire debate into 5-minute chunks, arranged by subject … so that no one’s attention span is tested too mightily (and no one is exposed to a thought or idea that he or she hadn’t been intending to hear).

On TPM I read that Elizabeth Warren won’t be teaching at Harvard this fall.  Hope that means what I think it means.  And although TPM warns about counting chickens … that sort of level-headedness never stops me!

I have finally removed Huffington Post, sadly, from my blogroll.  Too much Lindsay Lohan and too many slide shows of the 10-best-whatever’s.  As I head into fall, I am realizing that, as easily distracted as I can be by the question of whether or not Ashton cheated on Demi, I really don’t need to be pulled in that direction.  So, enough, already.  It’s back to Politico and TPM and AlterNet for yours truly.

There – I feel better!

Speaking of feeling better … nicely done, Mr. Utley.  A grand slam … 6 RBI’s … now THAT’S what we like to see!

Have a great day … and I leave you with this … in honor of current weather events …


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