The Great Parcheesi Game … and Debate

The long-awaited Parcheesi smack-down at MLH’s house occurred last night and, as hoped and anticipated by many, JPE was defeated in both games.  She maintained her composure and her equanimity in the face of relentless pressure, trash talking and taunting.  In spite of losing, JPE may actually have comported herself better than anyone else involved (painful as that is to admit).  By the end, she was also beginning to show signs of gaining her footing.  With a likely JPE win looming on the horizen, we stopped at two matches rather than tempt the Parcheesi goddesses!

Along with the stellar play, there came the inevitable debates about the rules.  Can more than 2 pawns sit on a square?  How long does it make sense to keep a blockade going (i.e. when does it start hurting you as much as it does others)?  And do doublets really result in a count of 14 squares every time (once all your pawns are out)?

This latter question had us all especially confused, as it was clearly written in the rules … but none of us remembered anything like that from previous games.  A mystery to be further plumbed, as time allows (i.e. not this morning).

Phinally … the Phillies are in phirst place!  (Thanks, Pirates … good to see these PA teams sticking together!)


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