Are Other Countries This Entitled and Ugly? Not-So-Much …

I finally succumbed and have done a little research into the whole burn the Koran flap that is the latest embarrassing eruption of America’s ugly id into our shared airspace.  Isn’t there some way we can repress this stuff, folks?  I mean, we Cornblogs were able to keep MommyCornblog under wraps for the most part (or so we thought, anyway).  Why can’t this great nation of ours do something to muzzle the Terry Joneses that keep springing up?

Who is Pastor Jones?  He sounds like your basic angry fuck-up who has found a way to make money and vent his spleen in the name of Jesus.  Kind of a Mel Gibson, but without the screen credits.

Here’s some background info from TPM.  Like so many wise and holy men before him, Pastor Jones has had tax trouble, been reprimanded for calling himself “doctor” when he had no such degree, and been expelled from his own church.  Oh, and he has an e-bay store with a Mission and Vision to die for.  (Why shop anywhere else?)


Yeah … if Jesus were here he’d be burning the Koran.

I don’t know .. it’s discouraging.  Jan Brewer, that woman from Alaska, the Beckmeister, what’s-her-name Bachmann … they just keep growing in stature.  At least Ed Rendell is telling it like it is (although I do worry that his statements may unfairly stigmatize mental illness.

And finally … as the 9th aniversary of 9/11 approaches and we remember that tragic event … I have to say that relative to the other outrages perpetrated around the world, in some cases, daily … 9/11 is kind of a small thing.  I hesitate to say that because in my heart, I believe that the unnecessary and violent loss of ONE human life is a tragedy … let alone hundreds or thousands.

But that being said … I sometimes feel like we, as a nation, are behaving like pampered and spoiled children about this … wailing and pointing to our scraped knee … while people who have lived through the same or much, much worse, watch us and shake their heads.  Yes, 9/11 was a terrible thing … but can we have some dignity about it?

Apparently not.

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