Saturday Morning, Nine Years Later

Good morning folks! What a beautiful morning it is. Right blue sky, a yellow Sun – very much like that day nine years ago. I’m interested to see that Newsweek has posted an article speculating about why America overreacted to the events of 9/11. What they focus on is not so much the reaction of citizens as the reaction of the government. We’ve managed to spend billions and give up lots of our fundamental rights (are you listening, Tea Partiers?) in response to something that, in the grand scheme of things, probably wasn’t such a huge threat after all.

I fault George Bush and the oh-so-silent Dick Cheney (tick, tick, tick) for helping to turn our response into the incredibly paranoid thing that it became. The national psyche reminds me, in many ways, of an individual psyche – and when responding to trauma, there are so many paths that one can take. As a body politic, we seem to have taken the path of exacerbating our already slightly paranoid tendencies. Too bad we didn’t seek out help, tap into our deeper wisdom, and fashion a healthier response for ourselves. It’s frightening, what we have become/are becoming.

On a slightly brighter note, it IS a beautiful day. The Phillies are in first place, the Breakers are playing Sky Blue FC to sort out the WPS playoff picture, and football gets underway with a vengeance tomorrow!

I’ve got a busy day on tap, with some food shopping, and lots of outdoor and indoor chores. Yahoo – let the day begin!

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3 Responses to Saturday Morning, Nine Years Later

  1. Alison Scott says:

    I’m with you on this… initially, the response in NYC was a bonding and a deepening of humanity – boy, does that seem like a long time ago! SO much good could have come out of that – accepting our connection with ALL nations’ vulnerability versus the arrogant “We’ll whup their asses and do away with terrorism…”

    Remind me to tell you sometime about The Trials of Ting Ling – a fairy tale I cherished as a child… there are lessons there to be learned…


  2. I could not agree more … thanks for your comment! I also think that the tenor of our response to 9/11 has contributed to the current level of disunity and disaffection in our country. Instead of pluck in the face of a devastating event, we went the route of fear and finger-pointing .. and that has made all the difference.


  3. Alison Scott says:

    I think that Americans had an illusion of immunity – 9/11 was a savage and devastating attack, and I recall my horror as I thought of the passengers of those planes being flown to their doom. But the illusion of immunity is damaging in and of itself- best to let it go!

    We had world sentiment on our side, and it would have been such a good time to join in world efforts to promote safety, as well as examine how terrorism will always be the weapon of choice for small groups that will never have the firepower of large nations.

    The Brits knew how to keep on keeping on, and we’d do well to show that kind of pluck, especially as the USA is so massive and populous, terrorist attacks would only affect a tiny percentage of the nation, anyway. So very different than the London Blitz…


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