Where's George?

Nope, this isn’t about Dubya … why dredge up THAT ugliness when there’s more than enough right-here in our tannin-crazed country.  (Too bad those tea partiers aren’t more into red wine as a source of tannin – I am sure it would mellow them right up!)

No, this is about that other George – the one the tannin folks deify in that cute, over-simplified way that they have.  (Just had an image of those wooden teeth of his chomping down angrily on Glenn Beck’s puffy butt … don’t know why, but I’m enjoying it.)

Anyway, “Where’s George” is a “currency tracking project” that I stumbled upon this week when I was handed a tracked bill as change.  It had a stamp on it with a box around the serial number … and the address of the website.  So I checked it out and was fascinated.  Where’s George is a venue for following the travels of specific bills as they meander across the landscape from pocket-to-pocket.  Kinda like banding birds and tracing their migratory patterns.

I’m hooked, and now keep my eye out for other bills (so far haven’t seen any).  I haven’t entered a new bill yet … but will aim to today.  In the meantime, here’s their FAQ page … join the fun … it’s free, and not nearly as time consuming as Fantasy Football!

Oh … by the way … GO PHILLIES!

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